Lebanon, New Hampshire


On Riverside Drive spanning the Mascoma River in Lebanon.
Style of Bridge:
Howe truss
Year of Construction:
Original Cost:
Structural Characteristics:
The bridge is 76'0" long with a clear span of 62'0". It has an overall width of 25'0" with a roadway width of 15'0" and a maximum vertical clearance of 12'0". There is a sidewalk on the upstream side.
Maintained By:
City of Lebanon
World Guide Number:
New Hampshire Number:

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Historical Remarks:
Between 1780 and 1790 an open timber bridge without railings was constructed at this location for Ichabod Packard. The bridge served Mr. Packard's home on the north side of the river and his mill, a combined sawmill and gristmill, located on the south side. According to town records, the bridge was either repaired or replaced in 1804. In 1878, the open timber bridge, which appears to have been a Queenpost truss with the truss work boarded up, as replaced by a new covered bridge. The 1878 bridge was a Howe truss built at a cost of $456.02. It was removed in 1952 and replaced with a Bailey Bridge. The Bailey bridge was replaced by the current bridge, built by Arnold Graton Associates. It was dedicated on September 4, 1991. The Packard Bridge was constructed in a manner which replicates the traditional style of covered bridges. It has not reached the 50 years age criteria for listing on the National Register of Historic Places.

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