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State Forest Nursery

The State Forest Nursery in Boscawen is the only " bare root" tree seedling nursery in New Hampshire and in New England that provides tree and shrub planting stock to landowners and residents for forest plantings and other conservation purposes. Since 1910, more than 75 million seedlings have been grown and distributed for forestry, conservation and educational uses. The Nursery has 3 million seedlings growing on 16 acres of irrigated, outdoor seedbeds, 20 acres of seed orchards and progeny test areas, and several on-site demonstration plantings. Annual sales total about 250,000 seedlings consisting of over 50 different species and specialty packages. The Nursery operations are located within an 887-acre state forest that is managed for multiple uses.

The State Forest Nursery underwent a program review by the US Forest Service in May, 2006. This is a periodic review required to insure proper use of federal funds. Results of the review were very encouraging, showing strong support for the nursery and tree improvement programs.

All seedlings distributed from the nursery are grown from seed. Plants are not imported for resale. More than 95 percent of the seed planted at the nursery is collected from local New Hampshire sources and processed by the nursery crew. Two-thirds of the species distributed by the nursery are native to New Hampshire.

Conifer seedlings totaled about 75 percent of sales dominated by balsam fir, Fraser fir, white pine and white spruce. Every year thousands of seedlings are given free of charge to qualified recipients for educational/conservation purposes. Recipients included schools, scout groups, libraries, churches, local governments and other state agencies.

The Spring Seedling Sales generally run from mid-April to mid-May.

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The Spring 2019 Catalog is available. For a pdf of the catalog, click here.

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