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Beebe River

Visiting New Hampshire's Biodiversity

The Conservation License Plate program ( promotes, protects, and invests in New Hampshire's natural, cultural, and historic resources. Through funding received from this program, the New Hampshire Natural Heritage Bureau has produced a variety of products designed to educate the public about the state's biodiversity. In addition to the book, The Nature of New Hampshire: Natural Communities of the Granite State, the Natural Heritage Bureau offers the Visiting NH's Biodiversity series of interpretive trail guides and site descriptions.

At these selected sites, visitors can see and experience good examples of the special biodiversity elements that we keep track of, including natural features such as the state's old forests, rare or unusual plants, exemplary natural communities and systems, and remarkable wetlands. The list is divided into Guides (sites that have full brochures) and Profiles (sites currently only described online).


These 2-page brochures can be viewed with Adobe Reader, and printed out either single or double-sided. Currently guides have been created for the following twenty sites. Clicking on the name takes you to a copy of the guide:


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