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The Ossipee Lake Natural Area (OLNA) is located at the south end of Ossipee Lake, in Ossipee, New Hampshire. Since the mid 1900s, the public has recreated in the shallow waters adjacent to the OLNA, and along the sandy shore. The OLNA shoreline is an important part of New Hampshire's natural heritage, and constitutes the best remaining sand plain pond shore system in the state.

Additionally, the Division of Historical Resources has identified historical resources throughout the OLNA, including the shoreline and adjacent shallow waters. The Department of Resources and Economic Development (DRED) is committed to managing the OLNA for recreation, education, and the protection of natural and historical resources. DRED held a public meeting in May 2007, and released a draft management plan and held a second public meeting in June 2008. An OLNA Working Group comprised of state and local stakeholders will finalize and implement the management plan.

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Management Plan

Ossipee Lake Natural Area Management Plan - April 20, 2010 (pdf)

Meeting Agenda from April 22, 2022
Meeting Presentation from April 22, 2022

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