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New Hampshire Forest Action Plan - 2020

The 2020 New Hampshire State Forest Action Plan (SFAP) continues our long history of comprehensive forest planning. It is a 10-year strategic plan for New Hampshire's forests that provides long‐term, comprehensive and coordinated strategies for addressing the challenges and opportunities facing New Hampshire's forests today. Created in collaboration with many partners and stakeholders, the plan serves as a guide for use by government agencies, educational institutions, non-profit organizations, landowners, natural resource professionals and private industry to proactively address issues facing New Hampshire’s trees and forests.
Components of the SFAP include:

  • Forest Resource Assessment. A compilation of available information and data that reflect current conditions and trends in New Hampshire’s forests.
  • Priority Landscapes. Maps that highlight the geographic regions of the state that provide extraordinary rural forest benefits and urban forest opportunities.
  • Goals/Strategies/Actions. Organized by focus area, each section includes a goal, generally stated as a desired future condition, strategies that identify specific areas of effort intended to achieve the goal, and recommended actions.
  • Forest Legacy Program. An update to the NHFLP Assessment of Need documents (1994 and 2004).

2020 New Hampshire Forest Action Plan

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