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NH Forest Legacy Program

As part of the 1990 Farm Bill, Congress created the Forest Legacy Program to help protect environmentally important private forestlands threatened with conversion to non-forest uses. The Secretary of Agriculture is responsible for the development and administration of the Forest Legacy Program. The US Forest Service in cooperation with States and other units of government is responsible for the implementation of the program. States have been granted the authority to establish criteria for their programs within the framework of the national program to help address specific needs and goals of their state.

To help maintain the integrity and traditional uses of private forest lands, the Forest Legacy Program promotes the use of conservation easements, legally binding agreements transferring a negotiated set of property rights from one party to another. Participation in the program is entirely voluntary.

National Forest Legacy Program

New Hampshire Forest Legacy Committee

Committee Meetings:


  • Brad Simpkins, Director, New Hampshire Division of Forests and Lands
  • Lindsay Webb, New Hampshire Fish and Game Department
  • Carol Foss, Audubon Society of New Hampshire
  • Brian Hotz, Society for the Protection of N.H. Forests
  • Jasen Stock, New Hampshire Timberland Owners Association
  • Steve Walker, NH Office of Strategic Initiatives
  • Clare Mendelsohn, White Mountain National Forest
  • Chris Gamache, New Hampshire Division of Parks and Recreation


  • Susan Francher, New Hampshire Division of Forests and Lands
  • Tracey Boisvert, New Hampshire Division of Forests and Lands
  • Dea Brickner-Wood, NH Forest Legacy Program Consultant
  • Neal Bungard, USDA Forest Service, State & Private Forestry

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