New Hampshire Department of Forest and Lands

Beebe River

Urban and Community Forestry

Trees are vitally important to cities, villages and towns. Like electricity and water, an urban tree canopy is part of a community's infrastructure, providing valuable environmental, economic and social benefits. Well-managed urban forests pay back nearly three times the cost to plant and maintain them. Our urban forests include trees in public parks, town commons, community forests and trees along New Hampshire's roads.

Since the late 1960's, New Hampshire has had a Community Forestry Program providing technical assistance to communities to support the development and maintenance of healthy street trees and community forests. Implementation of New Hampshire's Urban and Community Forestry program is accomplished through a partnership between and Division of Forests and Lands and the University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension, with funding support from the USDA Forest Service - State and Private Forestry.

Staff from both organizations coordinates to provide a cohesive program of public awareness, community networking, volunteerism, and educational programs for landowners, communities and resource professionals.

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