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Beebe River

New Hampshire TREE CITY USA Awards Program

TREE CITY USA Award-winning communities are recognized in every state, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.


Cities and towns across the United States continue to recognize the economic, social, ecological, and environmental benefits of effectively planting and managing their urban and community trees and forests. From the smallest TREE CITY USA Award-winning community, Kaena Point Satellite Tracking Station, Hawaii (population, 58), to the largest, New York City, New York (population, 8 million), more than 135 million people call a TREE CITY USA Award-winning community home.

Some TREE CITY Facts:


  • Thirty-five Percent of New Hampshire's Residents Live in TREE CITY USA Communities.
  • More than 135 million Americans live in TREE CITY USA towns and cities.
  • 3,402 TREE CITYUSA Award-Winning Communities Nationwide.
  • There are 17 New Hampshire TREE CITY USA Award-Winning Communities.
  • 134 First Time TREE CITYUSA Communities Nationwide.


To learn about how your New Hampshire community can become a TREE CITY USA Award-winning Community please call 603-271-2214, or email, today!


The next deadline for the TREE CITY USA AWARDS PROGRAM APPLICATION is December 31, 2018 for calendar year January-December 2018.

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