New Hampshire Department of Forest and Lands

Fire personal at a training

Forest Fire Warden Forms & Other Information

Appointment Forms


Warden Appointment Form
Deputy Warden Appointment Form
Issuing Agent Appointment Form


Fire Bills, Reporting and Firefighting Injuries


Fire Investigation Report
Forest Fire Report
Procedure for Paying for Fire Suppression
Cost Share Rate Sheet
Mutual Aid Agreement
Wildland Fire Injury Reporting Procedure
First to Report Injury Form
Occupational Disease and Injury Form


Fire Permits


Landowner Permission Form
DES Trash & Construction Debris Poster
DES Quick Guide to outdoor burning
"Fire Law" Brochure
Campground Fire Recommendations
Category I and II Fire Specifications
Category IV Permit Information
"Putting Out a Campfire: Brochure
"No Fires Permitted" Poster
"Forest Fire Law" Poster
"Prevent Forest Fires" Poster


Smokey Bear and Fire Prevention


Policy for Smokey Bear Appearances
Complete Guidelines for Smokey Bear
Request a Smokey Bear Appearance
Fire Danger Signs & Smokey Bear Sign - Specifications
Firewise Landscaping & Construction Checklist
Homeowners Guide to Wildfire Prevention
Best Management Practices for Creating a Community Wildfire Protection Plan




Federal Excess Personal Property (FEPP) Procedure
Request for State FEPP Equipment
Care & Maintenance of Hand Tools
Care & Maintenance of Backpack Pumps
Wildland Fire Equipment Specifications
USDA Wildland Fire Engine Guide
Wildland Fire Engine Maintenance
Chainsaw Safety and Use
Basic Map and Compass
Introduction to GPS


Other Information


Town Tool List
Fire Danger Rating System
2018 Incident Response Pocket Guide (IRPG)
Watchouts, Fire Orders, LCES


Report of Forest Fire Warden and State Forest Ranger


2018 Report

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