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Local libraries ready to ‘Fizz, Boom, Read!’ this summer

Summertime is science time at New Hampshire’s public libraries. Throughout the summer months this year, children’s librarians across New Hampshire are creating special summertime programs based on “Fizz, Boom Read!” the the national Collaborative Summer Library Program slogan.

Readers of all ages are encouraged to visit their libraries and not only read, but also participate in science-related activities, including chemistry, astronomy, biology, geology, robotics and magnetics.

To participate in “Fizz, Boom Read!” families should visit their local public library. Most libraries ask children to register and then to keep track of how much time they spend reading or how many books they read during the summer months. Libraries may offer participants the opportunity to read whichever books they want, even if they’re not related to this summer’s theme. Children are encouraged to read as much as they can.

In keeping with the science theme, some libraries are offering a summer reading program for teens, “Spark a Reaction”; this year’s theme for adult readers is “Literary Elements.”

Students who read during summer months retain more of their reading skills and are better prepared for school in the fall. The Collaborative Summer Reading Program helps encourage children to spend more time enjoying non-assigned reading during the summer months.

“This year’s Summer Reading Program theme is bound to get kids excited about both reading and science,” said Ann Hoey, youth services coordinator for the New Hampshire State Library and member of the Children’s Librarians of New Hampshire. “In addition to being really fun, ‘Fizz, Boom, Read’ will help maintain the focus on STEM education that’s very much in the forefront today.”

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