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Back-to-school list: pencils, bookbag, library card

As students flock to stores for back-to-school supplies, they should remember to stop by their local library for the versatile item that can help them with all of their subjects: a library card.

The American Library Association has named September “Library Card Sign-up Month” and is encouraging students of all ages to make sure they are able to take advantage of the many resources libraries offer.

Having a library card from a New Hampshire library allows students access to the more 2 million items in our state’s libraries’ collections. If a student’s library does not own a particular item, it can often be requested from another library in the state.

“It’s easy to think that all of the resources a student would ever need are available through the internet, but that’s just not the case,” said Michael York, New Hampshire state librarian. “Libraries are centers of current, historical and unique information, and librarians can help you find what you need while teaching you how to determine which sources of information are good ones and which to avoid.”

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