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NH's Ornaments for the 2011 National Christmas Tree

These ornaments were created by seventh- and eighth-grade students at Andover, NH Elementary / Middle School, under the direction of NH artist Kristine Lane.

One will be selected to be displayed on the White House Visitor Center Christmas tree, which showcases an ornament from each U.S. state, territory and the District of Columbia. The others will be hung from New Hampshire’s tree as part of the National Christmas Tree display on the Ellipse.

A full press release about this project is available in the NH Department of Cultural Resources' Media Room.

owl covered_bridge
making_a_snowman chickadee
old_man_tree cabin_in_mountains
log_cabin holly
center_ice old_man_santa
sombrero_angel snowman
snowmobile winter_tree
holiday_table hockey_sticks
snowy_mountains horse
covered_bridge_stream mountain_stream
hockey_faceoff house
rabbit santa_squirrel


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