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You are invited to join

Van McLeod

Commissioner of the
New Hampshire Department of Cultural Resources


A Commissioner’s “Bullpen”
Partnerships in Cultural & Heritage Tourism

Attitash Grand Summit Hotel
Bartlett, NH
Friday, May 6, 2:30 - 4:30 p.m.

(immediately following the Governor’s Conference on Tourism)

Join New Hampshire Cultural & Heritage Tourism professionals as we come together
to pitch our ideas for using partnerships to raise awareness of our organizations.

The Commissioner's "Bullpen" is a free event.

Presented in partnership with the Arts Alliance of Northern New Hampshire.


Attendees will have 90 seconds for their “pitch”—an explanation of who they are and what they’d like to get from this event. This should include:

  • What their organization does.
  • Description of an upcoming goal. This can be specific, such as an upcoming event, or general, like a long-term initiative.
  • Explanation of type of partner or partners they’d like to work with.

Once everyone has done their “pitch,” there will be approximately 45 minutes for attendees to network with potential partners.

Please come warmed up with your 90-second pitch prepared!

Directions to the Attitash Grand Summit Hotel are available on their website.

If attending, RSVP to:
Shelly Angers, Communications Coordinator
New Hampshire Department of Cultural Resources, (603) 271-3136



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