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New website makes NH state government publications readily available

The New Hampshire State Library has announced that a new service, the New Hampshire State Digital Publications Library, is now online and available for use by the public.

The New Hampshire State Digital Publications Library (NHSDPL) was designed to provide access to the growing number of State of New Hampshire agency publications that are available in digital format.

In addition to making the most up-to-date documents from state agencies available to anyone with access to the internet—whether at home, at work or at their public library—NHSDPL serves as a permanent archive of publications that would otherwise become unavailable when state agencies update their websites.

“All citizens can access the New Hampshire State Digital Publications Library through the internet,” said Michael York, New Hampshire State Librarian. “This system puts information at their fingertips that, previously, had only been available to those who could travel to the libraries that held state documents.”

The NHSDPL can be accessed online via and clicking on “NH Digital Library” in the “Quick Links” box on the right.

Currently, the NHSDPL contains publications from the New Hampshire State Department of Environmental Services and the Office of the Governor. Content on the site is updated monthly through website crawls that capture new information.

The number of agencies with information available through the service will grow over time, with the goal of all state agencies eventually having their publications available and preserved in NHSDPL. This digital library will also become a “one-stop shopping” experience for users who, without it, would have to search each agency’s website individually to find the information they need.

The NHSDPL is designed for use by the general public, and materials on it are in the public domain unless otherwise noted.

Anyone needing help using the NHSDPL may contact the State Library via the “Ask a Librarian” link in the “Quick Links” box on

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