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Calendar of French-Canadian events in NH now online

CONCORD, NH—This year marks the 400th anniversary of Samuel de Champlain founding Quebec City. To help celebrate, French-influenced events both traditional and modern will take place throughout North America, including right here in New Hampshire.

Finding events that are part of the “Quebec 400” celebration is easy. New Hampshire’s Department of Cultural Resources has created a website,, that lists French-inspired events, their dates and locations, as well as where to find out more information about them. The website will be updated throughout the year.

Organizations that would like to have their events listed on New Hampshire’s “Quebec 400” website just need to visit and click on the “Click here to submit events to NH’s Quebec 400 Celebration listings” button, then fill out the required information. There is no charge to participate, but in order to be part of the listings an event must involve French culture in some way.

New Hampshire will also be represented at the “Quebec 400” main celebration in Quebec City on July 3 and 4. Department of Cultural Resources Commissioner Van McLeod is producing a performance of traditional music by artists from all six New England states.

“A major part of New Hampshire’s population has French ancestors, primarily from Quebec,” says Department of Cultural Resources Commissioner Van McLeod. “Having our residents participate in a year-long celebration that is not only statewide but also international shows how vibrant our Franco-American community is.”

New Hampshire’s Department of Cultural Resources strives to nurture the cultural well-being of our state. From the covered bridges and traditional music of our past to the avant garde performances and technological resources of today and tomorrow, New Hampshire’s culture is as varied as its geography and its people. This strong cultural base—which truly has something for everyone—attracts businesses looking for engaged workforces, provides outstanding educational opportunities and creates communities worth living in.



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