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In Spring of 2008, members of New Hampshire's arts and culture community came together to discuss how difficult it was to promote their events to all of New Hampshire's media companies. Every media company had its own calendar, with its own online form to complete. Most arts and culture organzations simply did not have the resources to get to them all.

When New Hampshire's media companies heard about the problem, they came together to solve it.

Together with a project called NewsTote, they opted for a one-stop calendar solution for the state's arts and cultural organizations, and any other organization that holds events in New Hampshire. Now performing artists, libraries, historical societies, galleries, sports teams, non-profit groups, churches, garden clubs-- everyone!-- can enter their event into one form on and have it sent to events calendars around the state.

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The New Hampshire Department of Cultural Resources is a member of the Advisory Council, a group comprised of members of the cultural community, media members and representatives from state government that meets regularly to provide feedback on the future development of



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