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Department of Cultural Resources
Commission on Native American Affairs

(Meeting Minutes: September 27th, 2011)
(2:00 p.m. - Department of Safety- Concord, NH)

Members Present:
Georgia Edwards (GE)
Robert Goodby (RG)
Tai Freligh (TF)
Sherry Gould (SG)
Herb Monroe (HM)
Peter Newell (PN)
Robert Sulesky (RS)
Darryl Peasley (DP)
Lynn Graton (LG)
Kent Whitman (KW) [via speakerphone]

Members Not Present:
Elizabeth Charlebois
Steve Fullerton
Paul Pouliot
Peggy Fullerton
Molly Springer

Quorum Present:


  • Meeting call to order at 2:15pm.
  • Treasurers report given. Motion to accept by SG. Second made by HM. Motion passes unanimously.
  • Secretary minutes from 5-24-11 distributed. RG moves to accept. SG seconds. Motion passes unanimously.
  • SG gives website update. GE motions to table website until need arises. RS seconds. Motion passes unanimously.
  • KW gives report on meeting of Nominations Committee. KW motions to accept changes to goals of the Nomination Committee. HM seconds. Discussion of proposed changes to the mission/goals of the Nominations Committee. KW withdraws the motion. HM agrees to withdraw.
  • KW reads the proposed process for the recommendation of commissioners to the Director of the Division of Historical Resources. Discussion of this wording.KW reads the second part, proposed process for new applicants to be screened for commission membership. SG moves to accept process as changed by discussion. RS seconds. Motion passes unanimously.
  • Discussion of ways to work with state archeologist. Consensus that suggestions be reviewed by the Protection and Preservation Committee.
  • SG proposes that the full commission sponsor a sweet grass plot as part of the work of the Protection and Preservation Committee. LG suggests this fits the Arts and Crafts Committee well. This plot is on land owned by Fish and Game, who is looking for a sponsor of a garden in area adjacent to the sweet grass. Consensus to sponsor under the Arts and Crafts Committee.
  • RS gives report from Arts and Crafts Committee. Joint cultural event with Resource Committee. RS proposes creating an online list of artisans in the state by category. Consensus this would go to the Resource Guide.
  • SG makes a motion to change the resources committee from ad hoc to standing. KW seconds. Motion passes unanimously.
  • DP gives report on Resource Committee. Discussion on organizing Cultural Event to demonstrate arts, crafts, dance, etc. Suggests committee meeting to occur on a weekend day for planning. General Consensus to plan event.
  • GE gives report on Education Committee.
  • SG gives report on Social Services Committee. Consensus on Vital Record project and Child Welfare work with the VT Commission on Native Affairs.
  • SG distributes report on Executive Committee.
  • October 25th 2-4pm for next meeting.
  • GE motions for meeting to adjourn. SG seconds. Motion passes unanimously. Meeting adjourns at 3:55pm.


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