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Commission on Native American Affairs


(Meeting Minutes: May 24, 2011)
(2pm-Fire Academy-Concord, NH)

Members Present:
Paul Pouliot (PP)
Robert Goodby (RG)
Peggy Fullerton (PF)
Herb Monroe (HM)
Tai Freligh (TF)
Peter Newell (PN)
Sherry Gould (SG)
Kent Whitman (KW)
Robert Sulesky (RS)
Georgia Edwards (GE)
Darryl Peasley (DP)

Members Not Present:
Elizabeth Charlebois (EC)
Lynn Graton (LG)
Molly Springer (MS)
Steve Fullerton (SF)

Quorum Present:


  • Meeting called to order at 2:15pm.
  • Treasurer’s Report given by HM.
  • Copies of “Guidelines for Financial Forms” distributed by HM.
  • SG moved to accept report. Seconded, DP. Vote taken. Passed unanimously.
  • TF distributed copies of draft minutes from February 15th meeting.
  • SG moved to accept minutes. Seconded, HM. Vote taken. Passed unanimously.
  • Copies of the Rules of Order and Decorum distributed and discussion followed.
  • General consensus was reached to post all handouts from meetings to the NHCNAA website so that absent members can see them.
  • General Consensus was reached that any member who disagrees with any action of the Commission or a member of the commission should write a letter to the Chairperson, which would be brought to the Executive Committee.
  • Public comment allowed from audience on matters regarding the Rules of Order and Decorum.
  • TF made a motion to remove line in secretary’s description about keeping a physical minutes book. Seconded, RS. Vote taken. Passed unanimously.
  • RG made a motion to revise the protection committee description to read “including those that fall under the NAGPRA.” Seconded, KW. Discussion on Committee descriptions. RG withdrew his motion.
  • Public comment allowed on matters regarding the committees.
  • SG made a motion to accept the Rules of Order and Decorum with the attached officer descriptions and committees as corrected with the understanding that further revisions will come forward at the next meeting. Seconded, GE. No further discussion. Vote taken. Passed unanimously.
  • Chart distributed showing committee members from 2-15 minutes. PN encouraged review of committee placement and evening out membership.
  • Chair called for nominations for chairperson for:
    • Protection and preservation, SG nominated PF for chair. PF accepts. PF nominated RG. RG declines. PN accepts PF as chair hearing no further nominations.
    • Social services, DP nominated SG. SG accepts. PN accepts SG as chair hearing no further nominations.
    • Arts and crafts, SG nominated RS. RS accepts. PN accepts RS as chair hearing no further nominations.
    • Nomination, HM nominated KW. KW accepts. PN accepts KW as chair hearing no further nominations.
    • Education, PF nominated GE. GE accepts. SG nominated HM. HM accepts. Paper ballot taken. Votes tallied. GE declared the winner.
    • Resource guide, RS nominated PP. PP declines. RS nominated SG. SG declines. HM nominated DP. DP accepts. PN accepts DP as chair hearing no further nominations.
  • Meeting times and places discussed.
    • GE motions to keep the Fire Academy as a permanent location. Seconded, RS. Vote taken. Passed unanimously.
    • July 26th set as the next meeting date, 2-4pm.
    • SG reported commission members are allowed by law to participate by speaker phone. General consensus that speaker phone will be allowed.
  • Agenda items for next meeting: revised committee descriptions and reports. Report back from the AG on minutes and requirements for committees.
  • Motion to adjourn GE. Seconded, SG. Vote taken. Passed unanimously.

Minutes submitted by Secretary, Tai Freligh



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