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Guidelines for Financial Forms

The New Hampshire Commission on Native American Affairs has a non-lapsing account with the State of New Hampshire; funds in the account carry forward to the next fiscal year on June 30th.

Deposit Form

Checks are to be listed separately on the form and mailed to Kathy Stanick.

Cash will be deposited directly at any Citizens branch using deposit slips provided by the Office of Cultural Resources. The receipt will be mailed to Linda Cilley at Cultural Resources with a Deposit Transmittal Form. She will process the deposit information to tell Treasury to deposit it into our account.

Check Request Form


If a member has been pre-approved for mileage reimbursement you must check that line. Record the actual mileage and if tolls are involved what toll booth they went through. State reimburses at $.51 per mile and tolls at the specific E-Z pass rate.

Each person must complete an Alt W-9 the first time they are being reimbursed each year. This establishes them with a vendor code. Attach the Alt W-9 form to the Check Request Form for first time requests per person July 1-June 30.


If we need to purchase something, check that line, describe what we need and send the form to Kathy Stanick. The state has guidelines that we must follow.



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