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Commission on Native American Affairs


(Meeting Minutes: February 15th, 2011)
(2:30pm-Lakes Region Academy-Tilton, NH)

Commission Members:

Present: (should be noted that all 15 commission members were in attendance)
Elizabeth Charlebois (EC)
Georgia Edwards (GE)
Peggy Fullerton (PF)
Steven Fullerton (SF)
Herbert Monroe (HM)
Peter Newell (PN)
Darryl Peasley (DP)
Paul Pouliot (PP)
Robert Sulesky (RS)
Kent Whitman (KW)
Tai Freligh (TF)
Lynn Gratin (LG)
Sherry Gould (SG)
Robert Goodby (RG)
Molly Springer (MS)

Quorum Present:


  • Meeting called to order by PN at 2:35pm.
  • Report on meeting with Attorney General’s Office given by SG.
  • Discussion of the formation of the NHCNAA and the various commission members’ roles, especially the five members from various agencies at the state level.
  • 1/7/11 Meeting Minutes distributed. SG motion to accept. GE seconds. PN motions to accept. Motion passes by majority consent. RG abstained (he was not present at the 1/7/11 meeting).
  • HM gives treasurer’s report. Progress has been made towards opening a bank account for the NHCNAA. Suggestion of $5 donation by each member. PP suggests written treasurer reports in the future. PN accepts the treasurer’s report. SG seconds. Motion carries by unanimous agreement.
  • Discussion of sub-committees. Suggested committees: Protection and Preservation, Social Services, Arts and Crafts, Nomination, Resource Guide. KW asked for clarification of what these committees would do. SG responded that these were general topics taken from the body of the legislation and that the full commission should really define what the committees are about. SG also suggested that committees be formed and chairmen elected today.
  • PP suggested that the Northern Pass Power Project be looked at under the Protection and Preservation committee. PP suggested an Education Committee.
  • RG also mentioned that an archeological review would need to be done of the area before the NPPP could be constructed.
  • SG mentioned that the committees can form temporary project groups.
  • PN called for chair nomination for Preservation and Protection committee. Further discussion resulted in the decision to have people volunteer to be on a committee and to elect their own chairman, which passed by majority consent. PP, SF, PF, RG volunteered to be on this committee.
  • Education committee suggested. HM, PP, EC, GE, MS volunteered.
  • PN asked for volunteers for Nomination committee. KW, DP, PN.
  • MS asked if a “best practices” of Native American commissions be outlined at next meeting. Alternately, how Native American Affairs are handled in other New England states. PN suggested PP give an informal presentation before the official start of the next meeting.
  • PN asked for volunteers for the Resources committee. SG, DP, PP. MS suggested each sub-committee create a resource page for their committee that can be added to the Resource Guide. EC suggested the Resources committee be an ad hoc committee. SG asked if there was a phone number for the NHCNAA. Discussion also of how those questions submitted to the Commission are vetted.
  • PN opened the floor for public comment.
  • Comment that NHCNAA try not to meet on same day as VTCNAA.
  • Comment that five state members of the NHCNAA can go away if needed.
  • PN closed floor to public comment.
  • Next meeting set for the 22nd of March at Dartmouth at 2:15pm. MS will email details to TF. MS will provide refreshments.
  • MS leaves for pre-scheduled appointment.
  • PN asked for thoughts on an Arts and Crafts committee. EC/RS discussed the prohibitions by law on the sale of Indian crafts. PP talked about the Arts and Crafts Act and the intent behind it. TF mentioned the section of the legislation forming the NHCNAA that calls for the commission to work on arts and crafts issues and the reason why a sub-committee to work on these issues was suggested. SG spoke in support of the committee. DP, RS volunteered.
  • KW asked about a committee to deal with issues around registering and recognizing Native American people in New Hampshire. Many commission members did not want to form this committee. Committee not formed.
  • TF motioned for discussion of Rules of Order be tabled to the next meeting. HM seconded. Unanimous agreement.
  • PN called for volunteers for the Social Services committee. SG, PP, DP.
  • LG commented on her view of her role on the NHCNAA as one of the five state members. PN also commented on this.
  • Motion to adjourn made by EC. Seconded by SF. Unanimous agreement. Motion accepted by PN.
  • Meeting adjourned at 4:30pm.

Minutes submitted by Secretary, Tai Freligh



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