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Commission on Native American Affairs


Commission on Native American Affairs (NHCNAA) – Executive Committee
(Meeting Minutes: February 4th, 2011)
(1pm-Kearsarge Indian Museum-Warner, NH)

Commission Members:
Herbert Monroe (HM)
Peter Newell (PN)
Tai Freligh (TF)
Sherry Gould (SG)

Quorum Present:


  • Meeting called to order by PN at 1:20pm.
  • Document for Rules of Order and Decorum reviewed by the Committee.
  • Peter Newell recommended as main point of contact for group- email added to Document as contact method instead of phone number.
  • Discussion of any consequences for violation of Rules of Decorum. Ideas for warnings and possible “out of order” being declared and possibly asking the offending member to leave the current meeting. Question as to legal procedure for removing a member from the Commission.
  • Discussion of how new Commission members are appointed.
  • Recommended that some standing committees be created to address the various general directives of the NHCNAA, i.e. Preservation and Protection, Social Services, Arts and Crafts, etc.
  • Discussion of having a Nomination Committee to nominate officers annually and to help shepherd the process of re-electing Commission members and electing new members.
  • Proposing the formation of a standing committee to work on a Resource Guide which would be a working document and would ideally live on the NHCNAA page on Cultural Resources.
  • SG suggested Commission members donate up to $5 each to HM to start a checking account for the NHCNAA. The Executive Committee donated $20.
  • Proposed agenda for February 15 meeting of the full Commission:
    • Distribute minutes from the 1/7 meeting to review and accept.
    • Distribute minutes from the 2/4 meeting to review and accept.
    • Treasurer’s Report.
    • Distribute copies of the revised Proposed Rules of Order and Decorum and have the full Commission discuss. Possibly accept.
    • Discuss formation of committees. Suggested standing committees would include Preservation and Protection, Social Services, Arts and Crafts, Nomination, and Resource Guide.
    • Set next meeting and possible agenda items.
  • TF to send full Commission copies of the agenda and revised Rules of Order and Decorum.
  • Motion to adjourn made by SG. Motion passed by unanimous consent.
  • Meeting adjourned at 2:35pm.

Minutes submitted by Secretary, Tai Freligh.



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