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Commission on Native American Affairs


(Meeting Minutes: December 20, 2011)
(2pm-Fire Academy-Concord, NH)

Full Commission Meeting

In Attendance:
Robert Sulesky (RS)
Tai Freligh (TF)
Sherry Gould (SG)
Peggy Fullerton (PF)
Georgia Edwards (GE)
Robert Goodby (RG)

Elizabeth Charlebois (EC)
Paul Pouliot (PP)
Steve Fullerton (SF) Resigned
Lynn Martin (LM)
Molly Springer (MS)
Kent Whitman (KW)
Peter Newell (PN)
Herb Monroe (HM)
Darry Peasley (DP)



  • SG calls meeting to order at 2:15pm.
  • Minutes from 11-15-11 meeting and treasurer’s report moved to the next full commission meeting as a quorum was not present to accept them.
  • TF to email minutes to entire commission.
  • Ben Wilson from the Bureau of Historic Sites addressed the commission in regards to interpretive signage at the Hannah Dustin Memorial site for a sign in regards to the Native American history of the site.
  • The members present voted unanimously and enthusiastically to accept the charge from Ben Wilson to participate in the Hannah Dustin project in terms of interpretive signs regarding the memorial and the joining of the two rivers. Vote to be ratified at next full commission meeting. Work to be done by Preservation & Protection Committee.
  • Committee Reports.
  • Discussion of election of officers and committee chairs.
  • Next meeting set for January 17th, 2-4pm.
  • Agenda items for next meeting: ratify Hannah Dustin vote, accept treasurer’s report, accept minutes from 11-15-11 meeting, election of officers.
  • GE moves to adjourn. RS seconds. Unanimous vote. Meeting adjourns at 3:55pm.

Minutes submitted by Tai Freligh, Secretary



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