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Commission on Native American Affairs

NHCNAA Executive Committee Meeting
Abenaki Meeting House, Bradford, NH
April 22, 2011

Members present:
Peter Newell (PN)
Sherry Gould (SG)
Herb Monroe (HM)
Tai Freligh (TF)

Quorum present:


  • PN calls the meeting to order at 1:20pm.
  • Minutes from 2/4/11 Executive Committee meeting presented. HM moved and SG seconded to accept minutes as read.
  • SG suggested removing the source reference to the Vermont Commission from the rules of decorum. Consensus agreement by the Executive Committee.
  • Discussion of roles of commission members as it relates to the stated rules of decorum.
  • The following additions to the rules of decorum in terms of roles of commission members were suggested:
  • “Commission members shall only represent the Commission (and not any other personal interests or groups) when conducting business authorized by the Commission”.
  • “Commission members are appointed by the Governor and are called Commission Members, not Commissioners.”
  • “When discussing the commission outside of routine commission business, it should be for informational purposes only, and not to influence or express an opinion.”
  • Review of committee member list.
  • Discussion of the purpose of the resource guide and what should be contained within it. Also discussion of the resource guide ad hoc committee and its purpose.
  • PN suggested that the resource guide contain the basic information needed and that individual committees would be a source for more detailed information on a particular topic.
  • Discussion of the impact of the proposed budget cuts on the Commission. Fact sheet of the direct impact of HB1 on the NHCNAA to be developed and presented to the full commission as a tool to be distributed to anyone who wants to contact their legislator on behalf of the Commission.
  • Chart presented on the committees and the members of committees. HM added to Resource Guide committee. PN removed from Nomination Committee. TF added to Resource Guide committee. Updated chart to be presented to full commission for a discussion of evening out the number of committees people serve on as well as the number of people on individual committees.
  • May 24th 2-5pm at the Dept. of Safety Fire Academy suggested for next full commission meeting. 222 Sheep Davis Road, Concord.
  • Executive Committee agreed to draft revisions to the proposed rules of decorum in regards to committees via email before the next full commission meeting.
  • Suggested agenda items for next full commission meeting: Review and vote on revised draft of the rules of decorum (attached to email of meeting notice), present chart of committees and members for the purpose of evening out the number of committees people serve on and the number of members of each committee, elect committee chairs, approve minutes from the February 15 full commission meeting (attach as email to the meeting notice), treasurers report, set next commission meeting and possible agenda items.
  • SG moves to adjourn meeting. HM seconds. PN puts the motion to a vote. Unanimous consent.

Minutes Submitted by Secretary, Tai Freligh



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