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Program Services  

New Hampshire's Percent for Art Program

How the Percent for Art Program Works

A formal Request for Proposals (RFP) for artists is developed in concert with the Site Selection Committee of the building the artwork is intended for. The composition of the Site Selection Committee generally includes the architect of the building, representatives of the state agencies in the building, one to two professional artists, and a state representative from the district where the building is located and/or a NHSCA Councilor if available.

Portions of the RFP are standardized to ensure compliance with state purchasing procedures. Variables in the RFP include: 

  • the primary locations for the display of artwork where the public is most likely to encounter and benefit from the work;
  • themes that suit the purpose of the agency/agencies housed within the building;
  • the budget available for the project; and
  • the deadline for artist proposal submissions.

Artists submit proposals by a published deadline. The State Arts Council announces Requests for Proposals on the “What’s New” box of our website home page and notifications for are sent out through the agency our “e-news” subscribers, which includes not-for-profit organizations, artists, educators and general public. A link to the RFP is also posted on the State Arts Council’s Facebook fan page.

Proposals are submitted by artists in a standardized format. For commissions, artists submit a presentation board showing concept for proposed artwork and work samples (images of previously completed artwork indicating experience with similar projects). For acquisitions of existing work, artists submit electronic images. All artists are required to submit an artist’s statement regarding the project and resume. Artists’ proposals are reviewed by the Site Selection Committee and recommendations for final selections are forwarded to the State Arts Councilors at business meetings and to the Department of Cultural Resources Commissioner for approvals. Contracts to artists that are $2,500 or larger are submitted to Governor and Executive Council for final approval. Once artwork is installed, each piece is given a permanent label and the building receives a plaque that with information on the Percent for Art Program.

Selection Criteria
The Site Selection Committee reviews proposals submitted by artists and makes recommendations for the selection of artwork based on the following criteria:

  • Quality, appropriateness, and suitability of the proposed artwork in relation to the RFP:
  • Design Considerations: artworks must be durable, require minimal maintenance, meet safety standards, and adhere to building codes and other state regulations.
  • Medium, Forms, and Themes: suitability of the proposed medium, forms, and artistic concept to the themes identified by the Site Selection Committee.
  • Suggested Locations: suitability of the proposed artwork to the location/s identified by the Site Selection Committee as being places where the public is most likely to benefit from the artwork.
  • The artist’s ability to carry out the commission, to keep the project within budget, and to complete and install the work on schedule. Assessment is based on evidence of successful projects undertaken and completed as noted in the artist’s resume and work samples.


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