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Arts & Artists  
 Traditional Arts & Folklife Listing

Welcome to the Traditional Arts & Folklife Listing. A directory of traditional artists, community scholars and folklorists who are available for presentations, demonstrations, lectures, performances and workshops.

Traditional arts and folklife are the crafts, music, stories and ways of doing things that are passed on from one generation to the next within families, communities and cultural groups of all types.  In these traditions we find the beauty, skills, and wisdom of those who have gone before us.  It is important to celebrate our living heritage and understand the role they play in shaping the roots of our culture and our communities.  Artists and cultural specialists on this listing have been juried based upon their artistry and ability to communicate with audiences and students. 

click to access trad listing

Many of the artists and cultural specialists listed have participated in State Arts Council projects or grants including: the New Hampshire program at the 1999 Smithsonian Folklife Festival, and/or the 2000 Celebrate New Hampshire Festival and/or Traditional Arts Apprenticeship grants.

Click here for more information on:

  • artist fees & travel costs;
  • the value of including cultural specialists & folklorists in your project planning and implementation; and
  • how to seek grant funds to cover the costs of including traditional artists in your programs.

Click here for how to apply to the Traditional Arts & Folklife Listing. 


Last updated: February 11, 2020

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