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Arts & Artists  

New Hampshire Arts in Health Directory

  • Connects health based providers, including hospitals, rehabilitation/recovery centers, retirement communities, hospice services, and related organizations and institutions with professional New Hampshire artists who can come into their facilities or centers to engage patients/residents, family, and staff in the arts-making process. Performing, literary, media, and visual artists are included in the directory.
  • Increases employment opportunities for New Hampshire artists with skills in working in health based settings.
  • Helps artists build networks with one another.

About the Artists

  • Several of the artists listed are also members of the State Arts Council’s juried New Hampshire Artist Roster and/or have received training through VSA Arts New Hampshire or other arts in health care related training programs. Many have participated in a regional partnership initiative, The Healing Arts: New Pathways to Health, a multi-year effort bringing together resources from the Vermont Arts Exchange and the Massachusetts Cultural Council.
  • Membership on the New Hampshire Artist Roster is juried through a review process that evaluates:
    • Artistic excellence;
    • Ability to engage patients/residents in health care facilities and/or people who are elderly or have disabilities and staff in participatory multi-day arts programs that may include staff training sessions;
    • Ability to teach and communicate effectively and build rapport with program participants of different ages and abilities; and
    • Relevant experience in health based facilities or agencies/centers serving.

Artist Fees

  • Fees for individual artists or ensemble groups are directly negotiated with the artist or ensemble representative. They generally range from $200-$400 per residency day. Fees can depend on the type of work, be it consultations, presentations, workshops, or direct work with patients and clients. Many of the artists include their fees in their Directory listing. Artist travel fees are recommended at the current federal rate, which can be found at

Important Information for Health Care Providers

  • The directory includes a description of the artist(s) and their work and contact information. We encourage health care providers to approach contracting an artist in the same way any other hiring decision is made and contact references provided by the artist(s). If you are interested in an artist, you should also be sure to contact the artist to discuss possible programs and availability.


Last updated: December 27, 2016

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