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Warehouse Ordering Policies

Warehouse Pricing Effective June 1, 2016

The purchase price you pay when placing your web order for direct purchases through the warehouse is based on the shipping date you have selected not the date you enter your order.

"Mispick Policy"

Upon receipt of the order (2 business days), if errors are found, i.e. MISPICKS - When the New Hampshire code on the label does not match the New Hampshire code number on the case, licensees are required to call Exel Warehouse at 1-855-521-5769 (then hit #2 for customer service) or email Exel at once to make arrangements for a free exchange. Please place the mis-picked case aside until the exchange is made.

"Return Policy"

If other errors are detected, i.e. keying errors, wrong code numbers used or a problem with the contents of the case you must notify the New Hampshire State Liquor Commission, Customer Service Department in Concord at (603) 230-7070 within (10) ten business days to arrange for a return for credit. Licensee shipping labels must be attached to each returned case. Credit will be issued to the licensee's account once proof of return is received from Exel. A restocking fee will be adjusted on the credit as follows:

$1.50 per bottle/$6.00 per case/$15.00 per pallet, these amounts will be deducted from the unit pricing on your invoice. In all product return instances, advance notice and approval must be given to ensure proper licensee credit. Licensee number, invoice number and code numbers and quantity of returns are required for all return requests.

Damaged Shipments

If your shipment is received damaged, frozen, breakage, etc. you must notify your Carrier and note detail of the damage on the papers you are asked to sign by the truck driver at time of delivery. You must contact your carrier and file a claim for your loss.

Under no circumstances will unwanted inventory, (other than described above) be returned to the State Liquor Commission for credit or replacement. Inventory acquired through the purchase of an existing business cannot be returned.

If products of questionable quality are discovered, the licensee may request the vendor representative directly for replacement.

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