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September 20, 2006


This is to advise all licensees that the on and off-premise monthly special purchase allowance (post-off) price lists, which in the past had been printed and mailed to you will no longer be available in print form, beginning with the price list effective with the October Pricing (September 25 through October 29th, 2006).

Also, effective with our January 29, 2007 - April 29, 2007 Pricing Quarter, we will no longer be publishing the Price List for On & Off Premise Licensees. This information will also be available to licensees through our web-site.

Monthly price lists are now available to you on-line through our web-site. There is a complete product list and a sale list created for each month. The start date of the list is imbedded with the name of the file in yymmdd format (ex. Pls060925, thus the sale price list for on-premise starting on 9/25/2006). The files are in CSV format and can be opened directly into most spreadsheets such as Excel and imported into most data bases such as Access. These lists are created during the evening of the 15th of each month for the following month. The lists can be found in our File Download section of our website and then choose the appropriate list for you.

This convenience will greatly enhance your ability to access the pricing information you need in a more timely basis and allow you to configure the data for your individual business demands.

If you should have any questions or concerns regarding electronic access email us at the Marketing Department.

Very truly yours,

John D. Bunnell, Administrator of Marketing and Sales

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