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New Hampshire Liquor Commission Administrative Rules (Liq 100-1100)

Recently Updated Rules

Liq 1100 - Rules Relating to Direct Shipment - Adopted 12/27/2019

Liq 402.01 - Purchasing & Supplying and Liq 900 - Licensee Discount, Credit and Billing Procedures - Adopted 6/28/2021

Liq 700 Licensee Licensing - Adopted 9/23/2020

The NHLC's other administrative rules are available via the link below.

Because the NHLC has recently updated the rules linked immediately above, these rules may not yet appear in their current form on the rules webpage linked below. The versions of the rules contained in the Recently Updated Rules section above are currently in effect and are controlling.

New Hampshire Liquor Commission Administrative Rules (Liq 100-1100)

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