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Where to obtain keg registration booklets

The NH State Liquor Commission's rules on keg registration became effective February 1, 2001. As part of the Division of Enforcement's efforts to allow retailers of keg beer to obtain these keg registration booklets with a minimum amount of inconvenience, keg booklets will be available to all eligible licensees at certain NH State Liquor Stores.

You, or your authorized agent, may visit any of the following locations to obtain not more than 4 booklets during your visit. You should:

  1. Bring a copy of your NH State Liquor Commission license.
  2. Have you or your employee show picture identification to prove your identity.
  3. You are encouraged to call ahead to let the store know you're coming. This can expedite your visit and length of time in the store.

Keg registation booklets are available to eligible licensees at the

Division of Enforcement
57 Regional Drive, Ste 8
Concord, NH

and at the stores listed below.

Click on the city or town to obtain the store's address, telephone number and directions if needed:







Manchester #10

Nashua #69

New London




Portsmouth #6


West Lebanon

Frequently Asked Questions

Some common questions, which have come up in training classes:

  1. Do I have to fill out the form completely (include ID document information) for a person who is clearly over 21?

    Yes, the form must be completely filled out for everyone. You are reminded that RSA 179:8 requires only certain forms of ID may be accepted in sales of alcohol (and tobacco). These are driver's licenses, non-driver state identification, military identification and passports.

  2. What do I do if a customer who is of age has no ID, or refuses to sign the form?

    You must refuse to make the sale. A blank or unsigned keg label could subject you or the customer, or both, to criminal charges.

  3. What if a customer purchases more than one keg?

    You must fill out a separate form for each keg and attach it. All forms must be filled out completely.

  4. What do I get out of this?

    A correctly completed keg registration form is prima facie evidence of innocence and a defense to any prosecution for sale to a person under 21. RSA179: 7 In addition, you will help to reduce the number of unlawful purchases of keg beer for underage persons by adults.

  5. What do I do if I make a mistake filling out the form?

    Write void across the entire form. Do not have the customer sign the form, and keep the back part of the form (the keg label) in the book.

  6. What if I run out of labels? Can I sell the beer without a label?

    NO! As of February 1, 2001, ALL retail sales of kegs must be made with a Liquor Commission keg registration label attached. It is incumbent upon the retailer, wholesaler or manufacturer to have enough labels on hand to sell keg beer and comply with the law. You should consider how much keg beer you sell, the time of the year and all other factors that will go into planning your sales needs.

  7. Who can look at my keg registration booklets?

    You are required to maintain your records for at least one year from the transaction date. You are not required to produce your records to any private individual, unless ordered to do so by a Court or the Liquor Commission, and all law enforcement officers have a right to inspect and examine your records to ensure the State law is being followed.

If you have any questions about the keg registration law, the method or manner by which licensees are expected to operate you a strongly encouraged to contact the Division of Enforcement at 271-3521 before you make a decision that could place you in violation of statute or rule

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