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Revocation Petition

RSA 179:57,I(a) Notwithstanding any other provision of law, the commission may accept at any time, a petition from the governing body of a city or town who has voted to accept the provisions of RSA 663:5, I(b),(c) and (d), to revoke a license to sell alcoholic beverages held by a licensee who is located within that community. Any petition filed under this paragraph shall state with particularity all relevant facts and circumstances that sustain the opinion of the petitioner to revoke a license. A licensee against whom a petition is filed shall be entitled to a public hearing before any decision by the commission. All proceedings conducted in conjunction with this paragraph shall conform to the requirements of RSA 541-A.

For more information or to file a petition you may email Nancy Couture at or call her at (603) 271-1719.

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