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Beverage Vendor License

A beverage vendor license authorizes your company to sell and ship approved beverages to licensed New Hampshire wholesale distributors. State of New Hampshire defines a beverage as follows:


  1. "Beverage" means any beer, wine, similar fermented malt or vinous liquors and fruit juices and any other liquid intended for human consumption as a beverage having an alcoholic content of not less than 1/2 of one percent by volume and not more than 6 percent alcohol by volume at 60 degrees Fahrenheit and specialty beer as defined in RSA 175:1,LXIV-a. The commission may approve any fermented malt beverage greater than 6 percent but not to exceed 8 percent or any cider greater than 6 percent.
  2. "Beer" means beer, specialty beer as defined in RSA 175:1,LXIV-a, lager beer, ale, porter, and similar fermented malt beverages; and
  3. "Specialty beer" means any beer as defined in RSA 175:1,VII intended for human consumption as a beverage, having an alcohol content greater than 12 percent by volume at 60 degrees Fahrenheit. The commission may approve any specialty beer greater than 12 percent.

There are 2 steps to become a licensed beverage vendor in New Hampshire. Step 1 obtain a license, and step 2 obtain product approvals.

Please review the licensing requirement and product approval sections listed below:

License Requirements

  1. Submit a request for an application with a check for $100 (non-refundable processing fee) for each manufacturing location that is to be represented. To apply for this license, download the Beverage Vendor Request for Application pdf file form. Send only request and check at this time.
  2. Each owner, partner, officer, or LLC member will be required to file out an affidavit.
  3. Application Fees: 2 options for a beverage vendor license. The fees listed below are based upon a 12 month period.(The first year of licensing will be prorated based on the licensing period.)
    1. Unlimited Sales – $1920
    2. Limited Sales (sales less than 200 barrels per licensing period) – $720
  4. Please review RSA 178:15 Beverage Vendor License.

Product Approval email requests to

Once you have obtained a Beverage Vendor license application, your company will be required to file the following information in order to get your product(s) approved for sale within New Hampshire. (LIQ rule 506.09)

  1. The completed "Beverage Vendor Product Approval Information" document. The document can be located at
  2. A copy of your Federal label approval (TTB colas) for bottles, cans and kegs that your company wishes to sell in New Hampshire (if applicable);
  3. One set of labels for each product to be attached to the TTB label approval;
  4. Wholesaler Territorial Agreements (RSA 180) - Copies of the complete New Hampshire wholesaler distributor  pdf file agreement including a list of brand(s) and a description of territory as to where products will be distributed by town and county  pdf file. These agreements must be signed and dated by both parties.
    1. A wholesaler territory addendum is not required for each new brand;
  5. Samples are not required unless the Commission requests a physical sample.

Monthly requirements

Each month, your company will be required to file form #258  pdf file along with form #334 pdf file. These forms are to be received in the commission office no later than the 10th of the following month.

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