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Auditing Department

The primary responsibility of the Auditing Department is to regulate the beverage industry, collection and auditing of beer tax revenue which generates approximately $13 million from licensed New Hampshire beverage wholesalers, beverage manufacturers, brewpubs, and nano breweries. You may email with specific questions or your current business plan.

Beverage Manufacturers, Brewpubs & Nano Breweries

See RSA 178:12, RSA 178:13 and RSA 178:12-a

Liquor or Wine Manufacturers

See RSA 178:6, RSA 178:7 and RSA 178:8.

Financial Statement of Club Operation

The financial statement of club operation  pdf file must be filed by the 15th day of the month.

Tasting Notifications

Industry members must notify the Liquor Commission prior to any beverage, liquor, or wine tasting conducted by a licensee.

Farmer's Markets

Wineries, beverage manufacturers, brew pubs, and nano breweries are authorized to sell alcoholic products that they manufactured at farmer's markets in closed containers.

RSA 175:1 XXXI-a "Farmers' market" means an event or series of events at which 2 or more vendors of agricultural commodities gather for purposes of offering for sale such commodities to the public. Commodities offered for sale must include, but are not limited to, products of agriculture, as defined in RSA 21:34-a. "Farmers' market" shall not include any event held upon any premises owned, leased, or otherwise controlled by any individual vendor selling therein.

In order for a winery, beverage manufacturer, brew pub, and nano brewery to attend a farmer's market they must file the following documents with the NH Liquor Commission.

  1. A letter from the winery, beverage manufacturer, brewpub, and nano brewery requesting permission to attend the farmer's market including dates, times and location.
  2. A letter from the town granting permission for the winery, beverage manufacturer, brewpub, and nano brewery to sell their alcoholic products at the farmer's market in their town. RSA 541-A:39, gives towns the right to voice their concerns about selling alcohol with in their town.

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