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Fatal Choices

The Division of Enforcement offers an educational outreach program called Fatal Choices to increase alcohol awareness by demonstrating the dangers and risk associated with drinking and driving. This program aims to educate licensed drivers by allowing the participants to wear a pair of Fatal Vision Goggles, which simulate a blood alcohol concentration level in the range of .06 (low impairment), to .20+ (high impairment). They will navigate through an obstacle course in our golf cart wearing the goggles and then will exit from the golf cart to perform a field sobriety test.

golf cart with cones facing rightProtocol for the Fatal Choices Program

  1. All participants must be licensed or in a Driver's Education program
  2. A paved area large enough to safely set up an obstacle course (approx. 50'x100' )
  3. Waivers will need to be signed (under 18 yrs old)
  4. Weather permitting (No rain, snow or darkness)
  5. Length of time depends on number of participants

Underage Drinking & Driving Laws

The Division of Enforcement offers a PowerPoint presentation for Driver's Education classes or public safety events. Youth begin driving at age 16 and with that privilege comes the added responsibility of understanding NH Law pertaining to drinking and/or possession of alcohol while operating a vehicle. This presentation will educate students, faculty, and adult drivers of the penalties and consequences they face and to be aware of the dangers and risks of alcohol use.

The Fatal Choices program may also be used in conjunction with this class allowing them to experience a simulated impairment wearing goggles and driving a golf cart. For more information or to schedule a Fatal Choices program or Underage Drinking & Driving Laws presentation please contact Special Services or call (603)271-8531.

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