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Pack & Ship/Fulfillment House Requirements

With Commission approval, a fulfillment house may provide services on behalf of permitted direct shippers to ship alcohol to consumers in New Hampshire via licensed carrier. In order to receive commission approval, the fulfillment house shall submit a completed and signed agreement, which can be obtained by contacting us at

By the 10th of the month, the fulfillment house shall submit to the Commission a file that lists all shipments into the State of New Hampshire. The file must include the following information

  • Pack & Ship Company Name
  • Addresses (Physical & Mailing)
  • Owner(s) Name
  • Point of Contact (name, phone number, and email address)
  • Location of Shipping Facility (including physical address and contact person if different from above)
  • Date of Shipment
  • Winery Company/Tradename
  • Winery Permit Number & Expiration Date
  • Consumer/Recipient information (name, physical address, city, state, and ZIP code)
  • Carrier Tracking number

The Commission does not have a mandated format in which this must be sent. To obtain a submission example, please feel free to contact us at

Failure to comply with this agreement will result in placing your Company on the unauthorized shippers list with the carriers, which will prohibit all shipments into New Hampshire.

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