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DUI/Mobile Command Unit

Mobile Command Unit

On January 28, 2008 the NH Division of Liquor Enforcement was awarded a grant from the NH Highway Safety Agency to purchase a DUI Mobile Command Vehicle. The primary function of the vehicle is to assist state, local and county agencies with conducting field sobriety checkpoints throughout New Hampshire. The vehicle may also be used for events regarding alcohol education, awareness and enforcement of underage drinking laws. In addition, the vehicle is available to assist in statewide emergency situations, homeland security and search and rescue efforts.

The vehicle was constructed by Nomad Global Solutions of Kalispell, Montana and delivered to the Division of Liquor Enforcement in October 2008. Members of the Division of Liquor Enforcement selected to serve as unit operators were required to attend extensive training onboard the unit in addition to obtaining a CDL-B drivers license. The vehicle is equipped with an Intoxilyzer 5000, a Drug Recognition Expert examination area, booking stations, holding cell, wireless laptop, wireless printer, wireless fax, flashlights, portable radio chargers, communications equipment, sobriety checkpoint sign packages and traffic safety vests.

Additional internal components include; restroom, work stations for four, three internal cellular phone lines, wireless internet, Direct TV, Satellite TV (all news stations), mini-kitchen area for crew, Exterior Mast Camera-Mast extends 40 feet, camera system has FLIR Inferred System, two internal monitors, dry erase storage cabinets, DVR, VCR, MAG Lite rechargeable flashlight station. Three interior cameras (2 w/micro-phones in holding cell, 1 with micro-phone in work station area). On top of the unit there is a mast lighting systems which extends approximately 24 feet above the roof of the vehicle. Each of the four corners of the vehicle has detachable light poles with over 250 feet of cord per each light.

External components include; Smart Board Television for external briefings, data and phone ports which will allow the unit to deploy 6 internet lines and 6 phone lines outside the vehicle for major incidents, retractable exterior awning.

New Hampshire law enforcement agencies can request to use the vehicle and are encouraged to do so. The NH Division of Liquor Enforcement will bring the vehicle to the requested event and assist with setting up the checkpoint. The agency utilizing the vehicle will be responsible for reimbursing the NH liquor Commission for the amount of fuel used to travel to and from the event location in addition to a 10% vehicle maintenance fee. There are no other costs associated with the use of this vehicle or Division of Enforcement personnel assigned.

To date, the DUI Mobile Command Unit has been involved in 64 DUI Checkpoints and 124 educational initiatives. One hundred eighty six (186) people have been processed onboard the Mobile Command Unit at select checkpoints and approximately 17,776 people have passed through the DUI Mobile Command Unit during scheduled educational initiatives.

To schedule the vehicle for an event, agencies should contact the DUI-Mobile Command Unit Commander Investigator Scott Ferguson at to request a Vehicle Request Form. (Please note that agencies requesting the vehicle for a field sobriety checkpoint will be given priority. )

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