NH Liquor

NH Liquor Commission Administration

The Division of Administration is responsible for information technology operations, human resource management, plant maintenance, general administrative support to the Commission, liaison activities with Governor and Executive Council, the Legislature, and other state agencies.

Human Resources

photo of Kelly

Kelly Mathews, Director of Human Resources

(603) 230-7052

The Human Resource Section is responsible for developing, implementing, and supporting programs and processes that add value to the State of NH Liquor Commission human capital. We inspire and ensure employment prosperity, empowerment, education, growth and retention. We are committed to the State of NH Liquor Commission's key business principles, its management, and prosperity for its customers.

Information Technology

photo of jessica

Jessica Co, Director of Information Technology

(603) 230-7077

The Information Technology (IT) section is responsible for all automated computer system activity at the NHSLC. We anticipate and plan for system enhancements, install and maintain systems, and oversee their operation at the main office and our NH Liquor and Wine Outlet store locations. IT interfaces with liquor vendors, warehouses, licensees, banks and other business partners and is responsible for ensuring the accuracy of data, maintaining accurate records and for recovery in error situations.

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