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2019 Lilac Photo Contest
The goal of the Lilac Photo Contest is to develop public appreciation of Lilacs and their contribution to the quality of life in New Hampshire communities. The Governor's Lilac and Wildflower Commission presents the 12 winners of the 2019 Lilac Photo Contest. All winning photographs were submitted by amateur photographers. Photos are of New Hampshire lilac plantings taken during the 2019 lilac season.

Click on any thumbnail image below to see a larger version of the photo. * Denotes the town which the photo was taken

Grand Prize Winner
Eric Simon
Durham, NH*

Eric Simaon  First Place winner

2nd Place
Christine Duerr
Atkinson, NH*

Christine Duerr Second Place winner

3rd Place
Marti Warren
Amherst, NH*

Marti Warren  Third Place winner

4th Place
Paula Parker
Portsmouth, NH*

Paula Parker Fourth Place winner

5th Place
Ross Merchant
Manchester, NH*

Ross Merchant  Fifth Place winner

6th Place
Diana Erickson
Hudson, NH*

dianna Erickson  Sixth Place winner

7th Place
Heather Canning
Berlin, NH*

Heather Canning  Seventh Place winner

8th Place
Randy Adams
Francestown, NH*

Randy Adams  Eigth Place winner

9th Place
Michelle Dusseault
Manchester, NH*

Michelle Dusseault  Ninth Place winner

10th Place
Donna Lanzillo
Hudson, NH*

Donna Lanzillo  Tenth Place winner

11th Place
Paul Schmidt
Harris Center, NH*

Paul Schmidt  Eleventh Place winner

12th Place
Astra Dove
Canaan, NH*

Astra Dove Twelvth Place winner

*Denotes the town which the photo was taken

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