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Proof of Coverage Overview

Workers' compensation coverage reporting is handled by diverse organizations: large multi-state insurance companies, smaller specialty insurance carriers, self-insured employers, and third-party administrators handling policy's on behalf of insured and self-insured employers. These organizations have different information systems and capabilities. The NH Department of Labor (DOL) Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) process has been designed to be flexible in the support of a variety of EDI systems.

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is the transmission method used to send data files to New Hampshire, Department of Labor. The DOL is supporting a file format, known as IAIABC Release 2.1, a "flat-file" format.

In August of 2008 the New Hampshire, Department of Labor signed an agreement with NCCI, to begin to accept the New Hampshire Form 6WC (Proof of Coverage) filings via EDI. As NCCI currently provides a service for the collection and reporting of proof of coverage information in several states, the DOL has designated NCCI as its agent to collect, store and report POC Information.

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