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Protective Legislation

The New Hampshire Department of Labor administers and enforces the following laws for worker protection:

Procuring Employment; Imposition of Conditions

Holiday Work

Day's Work; Days of Rest

Discrimination In the Workplace

Payment of Wages

Access to Personnel Files

Employee Expenses

Protection of Health Care Workers from Injuries from Needlesticks & Sharps

Crime Victim Employment Leave Act

Noncompete Agreements

Protection from Domestic Violence

Use of Social Media and Electronic Mail

Advisory Council on Lactation

  • RSA 275:76 Repealed by 2016, 232:2, effective Dec 1, 2017
  • RSA 275:77 Advisory Council on Lactation

In addition to the protective legislation law, the Department of Labor is also responsible for enforcing the following laws:

Citizen's Job Protection

Displaced Homemakers

Whistleblowers' Protection Act

Youth Employment

Minimum Wage Law

Payment of Wages and Requirements of Employers


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