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Thank you for visiting the Kids and Fire Web site. We strive to be a resource to all agencies that are currently researching, starting, working with, or managing juvenile firesetter intervention programs. Please click on the links below for free resources and information.

What is a juvenile firesetter intervention program?

A juvenile firesetter intervention program is a multi-agency, community program to address the issue of juvenile firesetting and arson. The primary goal of a juvenile firesetter program is to provide effective intervention to stop the firesetting behavior by addressing the problems that cause the behavior. Usually the local fire department, law enforcement agency/Juvenile Justice, and mental health professionals work together to educate the community in early identification of the behavior, and coordinate early intervention through risk assessment, education, counseling or other community services as needed.

Why start a juvenile firesetter intervention program?

The short answer: because there is a need. Juvenile firesetting is a serious problem nation-wide.

Fire agencies are often on the front lines of this problem, as they are the ones who respond to child-set fires and the first place families turn for help with these concerns. An intervention program can help fire agencies by creating a system that supports personnel working with these families. A multi-agency intervention approach is highly recommended, as it will serve to support fire personnel by involving other community partners, such as law enforcement, juvenile courts, behavioral health professionals, and schools. Tips and information on starting a juvenile firesetter intervention program …

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