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Below is a partial listing of valuable sites pertaining youth firesetting behavior and intervention programs in the United States. They don't necessarily reflect what's currently available here in New Hampshire. Rather, they cover a wide breadth of information and model programs. Currently, there is no national standard for addressing youth firesetting.

Burn Institute of San Diego
The Burn Institute's site offers information on fire and burn prevention education and support programs.

District of Columbia Juvenile Firesetter's Intervention Program
A four week intervention program for children between the ages of 2-17 who have exhibited fire related behavior. (not a national program - for reference only)

National Fire Protection Association
The National Fire Protection Association's page has information to access all areas of the NFPA's network, including code development, public education, conferences, and legislation. Links to all the national fire associations and organizations can be accessed. Also, the NFPA's education section and juvenile firesetter intervention committee can be accessed.

Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention
This is the site of the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention. Among other things,t hey post the annual juvenile arrest records. In addition, they report on a wide range of topics related to juvenile crime.

Oregon State Fire Marshal
The Oregon Office of the State Fire Marshal has a mature Youth Fire Safety education and intervention program. Information about its Juvenile firesetters Intervention Unit is also found here.

Phoenix, Arizona's Youth Firesetter Prevention Program
Information contained on this site is about Phoenix, Arizona's Youth Firesetter Prevention Program.

SOS Fires
SOS Fires is a non-profit advocacy agency for the development and maintenance of youth firesetting. intervention programs. they maintain an interactive Web Site and provide training and consulting services for the development of new programs or maintenance of existing programs. They also provide media outreach and endeavor to provide a wide range of support services for any youth firesetting intervention efforts worldwide.

Straight Talk (Michigan Trauma Burn Center Youth Fire Education Program)

The Idea Bank
The Idea Bank's Web page contains a resource directory for Juvenile Firesetter Programs. It lists more than 200 resources in the United States and Canada. It is divided into four sections: People and Programs, Publications, Video Tapes, and Web Sites.

United States Fire Administration
The United States Fire Administration page provides information on juvenile firesetting.

Youth Fire Stop
Denver, Colorado's Youth Firesetter Intervention program