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The Kids & Fire Coalition has been formed to assist New Hampshire residents. This coalition is in its development stage.

It has been setup to assist parents, teachers, fire and police personnel deal with children from as young as three to those in their teens deal with firesetting.

It is our goal to prevent fires, to save lives, and to keep children safe.

Statewide, agencies are cooperating to create a comprehensive approach to helping children and families deal with the very dangerous problem of juvenile firesetting.

Educational Intervention

Fire safety education for both the children and the adults in the family is offered as a part of your child's firesetting intervention. Giving children the knowledge they need to make better choices is an important part of educational intervention.

Children who were mainly motivated by curiosity in their fire incident will most likely be referred to a one-hour individual fire safety education class at their local fire station. This class is targeted to the child's grade level.

Children who need a higher level of intervention will be referred to a six-hour group education class which focuses not only on fire safety but also on decision-making and the consequences of firesetting. The child must attend with a parent or guardian. To find out more about the group class, please click on the "Parents" link above and select your county.

Juvenile Justice

Firesetting can be considered a crime in certain circumstances, and parents can be held legally liable for the negative effects of fires their children set. Juvenile justice professionals work with families and legal entities to ensure appropriate consequences are enforced and complied with, when necessary.