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FAQ - Questions for the Public

Where is the Judicial Council located?
The Judicial Council is located in room 424 of the State House Annex on 25 Capitol Street, Concord, NH 03301.

When does the Judicial Council generally meet?
The Judicial Council generally meets in January, April, and October of each year.

What is the Judicial Council's overall mission?
The Judicial Council's overall mission is to provide assistance and information about the state's courts and justice system to all branches of state government as well as to the bar association.

Can you help me find a lawyer?
No, we cannot. Please check for legal service providers and information. You may apply online 24/7.

I am charged with a crime and cannot afford a lawyer. How do I get one?
Ask the court for an application and financial affidavit for court appointed counsel. If you are found to be eligible, an attorney will be appointed for you.

I cannot afford to pay for my court appointed attorney, guardian ad litem or mediator. Who do I speak with?
Contact the Office of Cost Containment at 271-1436. They can help you arrange appropriate payment terms.

Where do I send reimbursement payments for services in my case?
Send them to the Office of Cost Containment, Room 400, State House Annex, 25 Capital Street, Concord, NH 03301

I have a complaint against a judge. Who do I contact?
Contact the Committee on Judicial Conduct. Robert T. Mittleholzer, Esquire, Executive Director, 74 Exeter Road, Newmarket, N.H. 03857

I want to file a complaint against a lawyer. Who do I contact?
Contact the Attorney Discipline Office, 2 Chenell Drive, Suite 102, Concord, 03301. Telephone 603-292-1825 FAX 603-292-1825

I want to file a complaint against a certified guardian ad litem. Who do I contact?
Use the form on the Guardian ad Litem Board website.

I want to file a complaint against a certified family mediator. Who do I contact?
Submit a written complaint to the Family Mediator Certification Board.


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