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FAQ - For Lawyers, GALs, Mediators and Service Providers

How long will it take for my payment to be processed?
The Judicial Council aims to process payments within 30 days of their receipt from the courts. Attach copy of the order on appointment, any approved motions to exceed fee caps or for services, an itemized bill and the appropriate attorney, guardian ad litem or services other than counsel statement form.

Where do I submit my invoices?
They should be sent to the court where the case is pending for approval.

Can I be paid for travel time?
Supreme Court Rules 48, 48-a and 48-b do not provide for travel time; however, Supreme Court Rule 47 does allow for travel time but only for meetings with incarcerated clients.

What are permitted expenses?
Supreme Court Rules 47, 48, 48-a and 48-b allow for mileage reimbursement, paid at IRS rates; however, no other expenses, including travel time, tolls, parking fees, copies or long distance phone calls are permitted.

Is there a way to speed my payments?
Yes, automatic deposit will speed your payment. State Treasury

How do I get on the list of those willing to accept appointments as assigned counsel for indigent defendants?
Contact the Judicial Council Executive Director to let him know of your interest to do this work.

Why do Public Defenders and Contract Attorneys get preference in the assignment of indigent criminal cases?
The statute on appointment of counsel RSA 604-A: 2, II sets the scheme on appointment and it is strictly monitored.

How can I become a contract attorney?
Complete an application and submit it to the Judicial Council. Based upon geographic need, caseload and funding, additional attorneys may be added to the existing roster of contract attorneys. Approval of contract attorneys also includes an interview with the Judicial Council.

How do I obtain services such as translators, interpreters, medical evaluations, and investigators?
Submit a completed "Motions for Services Other Than Counsel" to the court. This motion will cover any "out of court" services needed to assist you in representation of your client. In court services are the responsibility of the court system.

Who pays for these approved "out-of-court" services?
The Judicial Council pays for approved "out-of-court" services. Vendors should complete the court form called "Statement for Services Other than Counsel," attaching their invoice (if any) and a copy of the approved Motion for Services Other than Counsel, and submit the all the documents directly to the court where the case is pending for approval.


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