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Bulletins issued in 2013. All bulletins have been saved in Adobe Acrobat Reader Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol format unless otherwise indicated.
Date Subject Docket Number
Dec-20-13 Auto-Enrollment for Pediatric Dental Benefits
INS 13-039-AB
Nov-27-13 Competitive Market Determination Regarding Medical Malpractice Insurance for Physicians, Surgeons and Hospitals
INS 13-029-AP
Nov-25-13 Renewals of non-ACA Compliant Policies in 2014
INS 13-037-AB
Nov-22-13 Order Extending NH High Risk Pool Coverage
INS 13-035-AR
Oct-15-13 Workers' Compensation Advisory Loss Costs and Rating Values
INS 13-030-AB
Aug-16-13 Professional Employer Organizations
INS 13-016-AB
Aug-16-13 Market Rules Guidance
INS 13-017-AB
Aug-16-13 Withdrawl of Bulletin Docket No.: INS 10-004-AB Elimination of the Exclusion of Same-Gender Couples From Marriage and the Impact on Annuity Contracts
INS 13-021-AB
May-03-13 Supplemental Reporting Notice
July Template Microsoft Excel Symbol
INS 08-001-AB
Apr-26-13 Producer Role in Assisting Consumers Using the NH Exchange/Marketplace
INS 13-009-AB
Apr-10-13 New Hampshire Qualified Health Plan Certification Bulletin to Issuers - 2014 Plan Year
INS 13-007-AB
Apr-03-13 Notice Regarding CHAPTER INS 3800 – Medical Professional Liability Insurance Mandatory Reporting of Detailed Claim Information
INS 13-005-AB

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