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Bulletins issued in 2007. All bulletins have been saved in Adobe Acrobat Reader Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol format unless otherwise indicated.
Date Subject Docket Number
Dec-28-07 Filing Procedures For Compliance With the Provisions Of The Terrorism Risk
Insurance Program Reauthorization Act of 2007

INS 07-091-AB
Dec-18-07 Implementation of New Hampshire’s Civil Union Law, RSA 457-A:6

INS 07-088-AB


NH Small Employer Health Reinsurance Pool:

Public Comment Period Reopened

INS 07-079-AP
Nov-20-07 Final Order - Small Employer Health Reinsurance Pool
Nov-07-07 Revised Amendments to the Plan of Operations
Oct-10-07 Hearing Notice RSA 420 K
Hearing Agenda
Redline Version Plan of Operation with Amendments
Revised Health Form
Dec-04-07 Competitive Market Determination for Medical Malpractice Insurance for Physicians, Surgeons and Hospitals INS 07-069-AP
Dec-03-07 Workers’ Compensation Advisory Loss Costs and Rating Values - NCCI Filing Effective January 1, 2008 INS 07-086-AB
Nov-30-07 Deletion of Producer Limited Lines of Authority INS 07-087-AB
Nov-29-07 Resubmitting Form Filings INS 07-081-AB
Nov-02-07 2007 Legislation Affecting Coverage INS 07-076-AB
SB 92 - Effective 1/1/2008 - New Definitions for Independent Contractors
Oct-18-07 Appointments and Appointment Terminations INS 07-077-AB
Oct-10-07 Hearing Notice RSA 420 K
Redline Version Plan of Operation with Amendments
INS 07-079-AP
Sep-28-07 List of Acceptable Valuation Guides and Methodologies In Accordance With INS 1002.15 Determining Amount of Motor Vehicle Total Loss Claims N/A
Sep 07-07 Implementation of SB 197 - Divorced Spouse Bill INS 07-064-AB
Sep-07-07 Clarification of the Requirements Regarding the Issuance of Individual Health Insurance - Guaranteed Issue INS 07-068-AB
Aug-23-07 P&C Insurers:  Special Data Call for Comparative Rates
Homeowners Datasheet Excel icon
Personal Auto Datasheet Excel icon
INS 07-070-IN
Aug-13-07 Guidance Bulletin on Licensing For Companies Providing Medicare Part D Coverage INS 07-062-AB
Aug-06-07 Mandatory Use of SERFF and EFT for Submitting Filings to Department INS 07-063-AB
Jul-17-07 Implementation HB 790 - Dependent Care Expansion INS 07-060-AB
Jul-12-07 Submission of methodologies and Models used to Establish Total Loss Valuations under INS 1002.15(a)(1) N/A
Jun-28-07 Insurance Department To Publish Instructions and Guidelines for the Purpose of Implementing Recent Changes to Ins 1000, Adopted Effective July 1, 2007 N/A
Jun-12-07 Eligibility Status for Issue and Renewal in the Small Group Market INS 07-055-AB
May-16-07 Clarification of position to Carriers Offering Personal Automobile - Asking applicant to supply their SSN for the purpose of procuring the credit score INS 07-009-AB
May-04-07 Suitability for Annuity Sales INS 07-047-AB
Apr-02-07 Collection of Deductibles in Advance of Service INS 07-043-AB
Mar-14-07 Informal Public Hearing on Ins 1001 - 1002 N/A
Feb-28-07 Credit Scoring INS 07-009-AB
Feb-22-07 Surplus Lines Insurers Conducting Business in New Hampshire INS 07-006-AB
Jan-08-07 Implementation of RSA 415-H Stop Loss Insurance INS 07-001-AB
Jan-04-07 Bulletin on Licensing For Companies Providing Medicare Part D Coverage INS 06-056-AB

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