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Filing a Complaint

Consumer Complaints and Other Investigations:

The Insurance Department's primary responsibility is to enforce the insurance laws and rules of the state. Consistent with that responsibility, the Consumer Services Division (CSD) fulfills a threefold mission: educate residents about insurance products, companies and producers; assist residents who request help navigating the complexities and intricacies of the insurance industry; and work with other Department staff to investigate customer grievances to ensure that licensees, including companies and producers (aka insurance agents), comply with NH insurance laws and rules. With more than 100 years of insurance industry experience, the Department's Consumer Service Officers (CSO's) take great pride in their ability to assist customers and strive to satisfactorily reconcile grievances and mediate disputes.

If you have a question, issue of concern or need assistance, please contact the Department’s Consumer Services Unit at 800-852-3416 or via email at If you believe one of the Department’s licensees has violated any New Hampshire insurance laws or regulations or if you wish to submit a formal complaint, please select one of the options below. If you are submitting a grievance or request for someone other than yourself (such as a spouse, adult child, friend, patient, customer, etc.), please also complete and submit the Release of Information Form listed below. After reviewing your submission, if the CSO assigned to your case determines the Department has the jurisdictional authority to intervene on your behalf, he/she will forward your submission to the appropriate licensee for a response. Please note – While not all submissions rise to the level of a formal complaint, the Department treats all inquiries and assistance requests as confidential matters pursuant to
RSA 400-A:16, as they trigger investigations by the Department.

By law (RSA 400-A:16 II), a licensee must provide its response to the Department within ten business days of receipt. If the complexity of the complaint requires additional time for the licensee to respond, an extension may be granted. Be assured, however, the Department will work diligently to ensure that your concerns are addressed as quickly as possible. Also, please be aware that while the Department's CSO's will do everything within their regulatory authority to facilitate a consumer friendly resolution, the Insurance Department is not always able to negotiate the remedy you desire.

If the issue of your submission does not fall within the jurisdiction of the Insurance Department, your CSO will attempt to determine which federal or state agency has jurisdictional authority and will refer your complaint to that agency, and will inform you of the referral by letter.

If, after submitting your complaint, you have any questions, issues or concerns, do not hesitate to contact a CSO, toll free, at 800-852-3416

Online Consumer Complaint Form – electronic version

Consumer Complaint Form - printable adobe acrobat reader symbol - This form is intended to be printed for completion and mailed or faxed to the New Hampshire Insurance Department.

Release of Information Form Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol

New Hampshire Judicial Branch Law Self Help Center

Provider Complaints:

Auto Body Shop Complaint Form - printable Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol

Health Provider Complaint Form - printable Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol

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