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All licensed insurance companies are required to submit an annual complaint report.

Annual Report of Complaints

New Hampshire statutes require that insurers file a report of complaints with the insurance department each year. Our Web-based system allows you to easily achieve compliance with this requirement. The on-line system will be available for reporting 2016 complaint counts from December 14, 2016 through January 31, 2017.

E-mails will have been sent to the individuals identified as contacts in last year’s reports on December 14, 2016. That e-mail has instructions for logging in to the system and includes the password you need.

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions below before you begin to enter your data. If you have questions after reviewing the FAQs, please contact us.

Please note: All items on the entry form marked with an asterisk (*) are required fields.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do we need to do this?
    RSA 417:4 XVII (c) requires that insurance companies file an annual report of all complaints with the Insurance Department.
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  • What is a complaint?
    The Department defines a complaint as the formal expression of a grievance, regardless of how it was presented.
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  • The Department Bulletin says we must report Insurance Department and company complaints. What is the difference?
    Insurance Department complaints are those that were filed by consumers with the Department that your company responded to. Company complaints are those that you resolved directly with the customer, whether or not they were valid, without the involvement of the Department.
    For example, if two of your customers filed complaints with the Department regarding automobile cancellations, you would place the number 2 in the box for cancellations in the column labeled INSURANCE DEPT.
    Or, if two of your customers wrote letters of complaint to a member of your management about the cancellation of their automobile policies, you would place the number 2 in the box for cancellations in the column labeled COMPANY.
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  • How do we send our information to the Department?
    Log in to the on-line application using your company’s 5-digit NAIC code and the password that was provided in the December e-mail. You will then be provided with an on-line form to complete based on the lines of business your company is licensed to write in New Hampshire. For example, if your company is licensed to write the Property & Casualty lines, you will be asked to provide information for the Automobile, Homeowners, and Commercial lines of business.
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  • Can I submit one report for all the companies in our Group?
    No, you must submit an individual report for each company licensed to write business in the state.
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  • If two companies merge during the review period, should they combine the two company's information and file under the name of the surviving company?
    The companies should report under the corporate structure that was in effect as of December 31.
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  • What should we do if we’re prompted for complaint data for a line of business we don’t write?
    Enter the actual counts for the line(s) you write and enter zeros (0) in the area for the line(s) you do not write.
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  • When is the last day we can file our data?
    Reports are due to the Department by the last day of January for the preceding calendar year.
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  • What happens if we don’t submit our data by January 31st?
    RSA 417:10 gives the Commissioner the authority to assess an administrative penalty of not more than $2,500 for each violation. We will also report your company’s failure to comply with its statutory obligation to the NAIC’s Regulatory Information Retrieval System.
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  • Can entered data be saved for later submission?
    We have included the save option in case you are called away from your desk or need to confirm some of your data and wish to close the application without losing the work you have already done. When you are ready to complete the report, log back in, complete your data entry and check the "To Complete Report" box and then click on the "Save" button.
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  • How do I know my data was received?
    You will receive an online confirmation after you click the button to submit your data. We will also send a confirmation e-mail to the address you provided with the contact information. We recommend you retain the e-mail confirmation as documentation of compliance.
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  • I still have problems and questions. Who should I contact?
    You may contact Douglas Rees at the Insurance Department by telephone at (603) 271-2686, or e-mail
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