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About Us

This Commission, consisting of 15 citizens of New Hampshire appointed by the Governor, will undertake the following tasks and report their findings to the Governor on or before June 1, 2010. The Commission will as its primary charge review, research, analyze and develop findings on the impact of gaming in New Hampshire today as well as the foreseeable future.

The areas of focus will include but need not be limited to the following:

  1. Establish as a base the status of gaming in New Hampshire currently
    a. Revenue history for all forms of New Hampshire gaming
    b. The operational models currently employed
    c. The issues/concerns/social impact of gaming in New Hampshire today
    d. Document the various gaming proposals offered for consideration by the New Hampshire Legislature
    e. Review and document the licensing/oversight of gaming in New Hampshire today
  2. Review/Research Gaming models including but not limited to those in place or under consideration in other states, and those proposed through legislation in New Hampshire
    a. Expansion of the existing lottery
    b. Video gaming terminals at one or more existing race facilities
    c. Broader casino-style gaming at one or more existing race facilities
    d. Video gaming terminals or casino gaming at non-race facilities
    e. State owned casino(s)
    f. Destination resort(s)
    g. North country
    h. Grand hotels
    i. Other models
  3. Assess each model for –
    a. Overall feasibility – cost, timing, management
    b. Revenue estimates and stability of revenue
    c. Fees/operating revenue
    d. Economic impact, including impact on tourism, retail – positive and negative
    e. Social impact, including issues of public health, addiction
    f. Impact on charitable gaming
    g. Public safety impact
    h. State image
    i. Other quality of life issues
    j. Steps NH could take to mitigate possible adverse impacts
  4. Other issues
    a. Limiting the spread
    – How best to ensure that a limited expansion of gaming doesn’t spread over time
    b. Geography
    – Most desirable, or non-desirable, locations
    c. Licensing
    – Set fees or auction?
    d. Impact of other states
    – What is the impact to New Hampshire of expanding gaming before or after Massachusetts? Other New England States/Canada?
    e. Regulatory needs
    f. Additional state regulatory structure that may be needed to oversee expanded gaming – Gaming Commission/Lottery Commission, Racing & Charitable Gaming Commission
  5. Work product
    a. By October 9 – Commission present work schedule
    b. By December 17 – Commission presents interim progress report
    c. May 25 – Commission presents final written report

New Hampshire Gaming Study Commission
c/o PO Box 1856| Concord, NH | 03302-1856
Telephone: 603-271-3556 x 314

copyright 2009. State of New Hampshire